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Jeremy Bennett

Chief Executive
Lymington, UK
Bio: Dr Jeremy Bennett is founder and Chief Executive of Embecosm
(http://www.embecosm.com), a consultancy implementing open source
compilers, chip simulators and AI/ML for major corporations around the world.
He is a author of the standard textbook "Introduction to Compiling
Techniques" (McGraw-Hill 1990, 1995, 2003). Contact him at

Talk to Jeremy about commercial compiler tool chain development, debugging, silicon chip modeling and AI/ML.
Monday, April 16

9:00am BST

9:15am BST

10:15am BST

10:55am BST

11:15am BST

11:35am BST

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12:35pm BST

2:00pm BST

2:45pm BST

3:25pm BST

4:00pm BST

4:45pm BST

6:30pm BST

Tuesday, April 17

9:00am BST

9:45am BST

10:25am BST

11:00am BST

11:45am BST

2:00pm BST

2:45pm BST

3:25pm BST

4:30pm BST

5:15pm BST